How to Hang a Hammock Chair Indoors? 3 Easy & Simple Steps

Hanging a hammock chair indoors is a great way to relax after a long day. But most people struggle with how to hang a hammock chair indoors.

Hanging a hammock chair in your house or apartment adds character and just looks great. Each year more people want to create zen spaces in their homes. Having a hammock chair indoors can be that quiet corner for you where you can read your book, meditate or just relax.

I found that many of us are hesitant to hang a hammock chair ourselves because we think it’s complicated. That’s not the case at all.

If you read this article until the end, you will be able to hang your hammock chair within 15-20 minutes! I will also give you a pro tip that will blow your mind.

How to Hang a Hammock Chair Indoors?

A hammock chair can be hung indoors from the ceiling if you can drill. If not, you can use the option to hang your hammock chair from an existing overhanging beam. If you choose to drill, you will need some tools and hardware. As always, having the right tools makes things so much easier.

A hammock chair in the bedroom

Tools and Hardware You Will Need


  • An electric drill (You can also use a Philips screwdriver in case you don’t have a power drill).
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Stud finder: (Used to locate overhead beams behind the drywall)


The hardware is important. The hammock chair can only hold your body weight if the hardware is of good quality and well-installed.

  • Screws: 1.25 – 2 inches.
  • Ceiling mounting plate that can support over 300lbs. (safer than only eye hooks)
  • Swivel bracket: (This helps rotate the hammock chair without bending or breaking the hardware)
  • Spring extension: (Because of the sprong extension, we can easily adjust the height of the hammock chair)
  • Extension rope or chain (Only in case you have a higher ceiling than average) +8 feet.
  • A (step) ladder

3 Easy Steps to hang Your Hammock Chair Indoors

Next, I will explain to you in 3 simple steps how to hang your hammock chairs indoors. In case you have a beam on your ceiling, don’t complicate things further. Just wrap your strap around the beam, and you’re done. Most of us will not have a horizontal beam on our ceilings, though.

Here we go.

STEP 1. Locate the beams

First, we want to grab the hammock chair, and as weird as it sounds, we want to walk around a bit, holding the chair until we are sure you find the right spot to hang it. Make sure when you make your final decision to leave enough space around the chair to comfortably sit in it, swing it around and rotate it.

Grab your ladder and mark a point on the ceiling where the center of the hammock chair will be. Now you have your first reference point.

Make sure you pick a point that has a beam behind the drywall. My hammock chair was only attached to the drywall the first time I hung it, AND IT DID FALL when I sat in it one day. Hence take this step seriously.

Let me explain how to find the exact point to attach your hammock chair safely.

We are going to grab our stud finder. We need to hold it flat to the ceiling and move it around a bit. Make you press the power button while doing this. When it finds a ceiling joist, the light will start flashing. Now keep on moving to find the edges of the beam. Finally, find and mark the center. If you want to be sure, you can repeat this. This sounds more complicated than it is. Don’t worry; it’s easy and fun.

Once you have found the center of the beam, you’re now ready for the next step. The closer this point is to your first reference point, the better.

STEP 2. Screw the mounting plate into the ceiling joist.

Now you want to mark the 4 points where you will screw the mounting plate to the ceiling (Yes, the mounting plate has 4 screw holes). Keep in mind to screw the longer sides of the mounting plate in the length of the beam.

You will notice that the screws will give a lot of resistance when they enter the beam. This is the moment when you choose to drill or to continue with your Philips screwdriver. Both options are fine. It just depends on the resistance and the power of your screwdriver.

Just keep in mind that if you drill the holes, make sure that the drill bit is smaller than the width of the screw.

Once all 4 screws are secured into the ceiling joist, the mounting plate is in place. You see, that wasn’t that hard. You are almost done.

STEP 3. Hang your hammock chair and enjoy

Now you only have to attach the spring extension to the mounting plate. This is the moment you can also attach your extension chain and your swivel bracket(explained above). You attach one hook to your hammock chair and the other hook to the extension spring. Easy does it! 

If everything looks good, do a final test and enjoy.

Why Hang a Hammock Chair Indoors?

Although enjoying nature while relaxing in your hammock, a hammock chair is more suitable for terrace or indoor use.

Here are some reasons to hang your hammock chair indoors.

  • It doesn’t occupy as much space as a traditional hammock
  • It adds character to your living space.
  • It’s practical and multi-functional. You can use your hammock chair to read a book, take an afternoon nap or meditate.
  • It’s a cool conversation piece. Your friends and family will love it.
  • It helps relieve neck and back pain. The flexibility of the seat allows for less pressure on the spine and joints, reducing inflammation and pain, especially in the back and neck area.  
  • As you’ve seen in this blog post, it’s easy to install.

How do I install a ceiling mounting plate?

Install the ceiling mounting plate using the 4 bolts or screws, depending on the surface.

How do I install my hammock chair from a high ceiling?

If you want to hang your hammock chair from a high ceiling, you’ll require an extension rope or chain. You can attach one end to the spring extension, which is attached to the mounting plate, and the other end to your hammock chair.

How high should my hammock chair hang from the ground?

That depends on your height, but a rule of thumb is to hang your hammock chair about 18-20 inches from the floor. For kids, this will be lower obviously.
A kid and her dog enjoying themselves in a hammock chair indoors

Pro Tip:

The rocking of a hammock chair relaxes the mind and body, which helps relieve stress, especially in kids. Use this to your advantage. Believe me, it makes parenting a lot easier.

They calm down faster and fall asleep easier and quicker. 


Hanging a hammock chair indoors will give you the perfect place to relax after a long day. Not only does it provide a comfortable spot to rest, but it also looks fantastic. 

I explained how to hang your hammock chair indoors and the many benefits it has. I also use it to put my daughter to sleep. She was, and still is, very active and doesn’t fall asleep easily. But when I sit down with her in my hammock chair, she falls asleep in no time.

I hope you now realize that it’s no biggie to hang your hammock chair indoors. You just have to follow a couple of easy steps, as described earlier.

Do you have any experience in hanging a hammock chair in your house?

Please let me know in the comment section below.

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